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Organic Natural Lawn Care
Organic Natural Plant Health Care

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You not only provided top quality professional design service but you helped me to understand there was more to the design than just the materials.

D. Haney

Organic totally natural lawn & Plant Health care.

    Insure a toxic free and safe environment for your family while     showing your commitment to saving the Bay.

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At long last Garden Gate Landscaping, Inc. discovered a truly effective Organic 100% Natural Lawn Care System and Organic Plant Health Care. The Bee Safe program was developed as the missing tool for lawn and garden maintenance organizations that want to offer their customers a completely safe organic and 100% natural option.

The primary benefits from this natural organic approach are:

  • A beautiful landscape that is safe for your children and pets.
  • Eliminates to use of synthetic pesticides and fertilizers.
  • Build a diverse, robust ecological system that holds nutrients and water.
  • Reduces pollution due to leaching and runoff, helping to protect the Chesapeake Bay watershed.
  • Recharges groundwater and streams with fresh, clean water.
  • A soil rich in organic matter can grow a healthy lawn with less water.
  • An organic lawn grows more slowly and requires less frequent mowing.

All lawn care and plant health care components are based on improving soil biology to create a suitable and effective growing environment for turf. Based on the science behind larger scale organic agriculture the Bee Safe Organic and Natural Lawn Program is a patent pending turf care system that will create a beautiful lawn without the use of traditional and potentially environmentally hazardous chemical based lawn care methods. The Bee Safe Plant Health Care system is based on the same organic natural components.

The Goal and the Five Core Principals:  To develop a lawn care and plant health care system that revolves around five core principals for building the soil web for a turf grass and plants that is healthier and able to withstand nature’s challenges.

  • Bio Nutrition: By stimulating and adding to the existing soil biology, your turf and plants can use existing nutrients that have been previously locked up.
  • Natural Sources of Plant Nutrition: Your lawn and plants need food that we provide it with 100% natural sources of nutrients.
  • Use of Bio-Stimulants: In order to prevent environmental stresses on turf and plants we use humates, kelp and other bio-stimulants to promote stronger cellular structure and deeper, healthier roots.
  • Chemical Free Control Products: There are many safe and effective ways to control pests without using harmful chemicals to do so. Our products are 100% and chemical free.
  • Education and Information: The more you know about the organic and natural care of your lawn and plants the more you will understand the importance of a chemical free approach to biological care. So much depends on proper mowing, watering, mulching and other cultural practices. Enjoy peace of mind with Garden Gate’s organic lawn and GardenCare programs by knowing you can rely on our superior level of care and service for your garden and lawn.