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The attention to detail was exceptional, and the promptness with which all of my questions and concerns were addressed was, and is, greatly appreciated.

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Organic Plant Health Care.

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Plant health care programs that rely completely on the application of chemicals have actually caused more harm than good to existing ornamentals. When a plant is forced to grow much more rapidly than nature intended it to a recipe for insect and disease infestations is created. The Bee Safe Natural Plant Health Care Programs is a six step plant health care program that will protect your landscape ornamentals without the use of harsh chemical fertilizers and dangerous pesticides.

Benefits of Bee Safe Plant Health Care Program

  • Creates the ideal soil environment for plant growth.

  • Stimulates root growth, root development and enhances root architecture
  • Converts soil elements (including phosphorous) into plant available forms
  • Increases plants resistance to environmental extremes (heat, drought, cold)
  • Minimizes nutrient leaching, aids in nutrient cycling
  • Enhances plants ability to sequester and absorb nutrients and water
  • Improves soil structure and soil buffering properties
  • Promotes slow sustained growth via cell division
  • Contains nitrogen-fixing bacteria (slow release N source)
  • Enhances photosynthetic capacity of plants
  • Increases root mass and root development, promotes rapid root strike
  • Allows plants to establish quickly, reduces planting / transplant shock
  • Facilitates nutrient absorption and nutrient translocation within leaf tissue
  • Enhances plant growth, strength and development
  • Increases plants tolerance to environmental extremes (heat, drought, cold)
  • Promotes lateral bud development / Increases fruiting & flowering
  • Improves chlorophyll production / Intensifies coloration
  • Contains essential micronutrients (chelated for plant availability)
  • Helps regulate plant growth and metabolism

Typical Bee Safe Plant Health Care Program
Late Winter/Early Spring Dormant Oil
Dormant Oil Organic Insecticide (Foliar)

Spring Foliar Application
Bee Safe 7 – 0 – 2 Organic Fertilizer - Patented Biologically Enhanced Fertilizer

Early Summer Application (Foliar)
Neem Oil Naturally Derived Insecticide – Contact Miticide – Fungicide

Late Summer Application (Foliar)
Organic Bio Science Powder - Contains beneficial Rhizobial Microorganisms, Endo-Mycorrhizal Fungi, humic acid, amino acids, vitamins and natural sugars.

Late Fall Application (Soil Drench)
Bee Safe 7 – 0 – 2 Organic Fertilizer - Patented Biologically Enhanced Fertilizer

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