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Nancy Britt
Nancy Britt
Landscape Designer
Nancy's strong family-oriented background is the foundation for her motto of "home is where the heart is." She believes that outdoor living spaces become the family's sanctuary in the stressful world in which we live. Nancy brings her passion for designing with nature to nurture the health and well being to your family.... Find out more
Nancy Britt
Jeffrey Willis
Landscape Designer
For over twenty years, Jeffrey has served clients in the landscaping field - designing, estimating, managing production & providing services. Jeffrey knows that addressing each individual client’s goals is the key to a successful job...Find out more
Nancy Britt
Melinda Boswell
Landscape Designer
Melinda enjoys finding the perfect balance between your outdoor living goals, budget, and style to create an appropriate design to enhance your property. Every client and property is unique; together we will discuss your ideas and plans for the project to adapt them to the existing site... Find out more

“Thank you so much! You’ve been just superb in helping us with everything…the work is beautiful and solves a practical problem.”

C. Danos

Designer Dan law
Dan Law, CPH
Landscape Designer

For more than 30 years, Dan has continuously honed his practice of successful landscaping.  His pragmatic approach to landscape design and installation has resulted in long-lived gardens and life-long clients... Find out more

Designer Charles W. Bowers
Charles W. Bowers
President and Landscape Designer

Solving the seemingly unsolvable design problems has been the hallmark of a design career which began in 1964. The creation of a garden that is both aesthetically pleasing and functional for your family’s requirements is a relished challenge. Garden spaces that are different... Find out more