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Building Your Dream Garden in Phases

by Charles W. Bowers

With rare exception, most people choose to phase the implementation of their fondest garden dreams. This phased approach makes good sense. Prioritizing your wants will help you make an effective decision about your first step. It allows you to accomplish the phases of your garden in an affordable manner, giving you a sense of accomplishment and confidence that someday your dream garden will really come true.

Before embarking on phase one, it is a good idea to find out what a reasonable budget range would be for each additional phase of your garden goals. Knowing what the entire project might cost to build could influence your decision greatly. The overall cost might be too high and perhaps you need to eliminate one of more goals. Alternately you can lower the “detail” or intensity of each phase. Knowing the big picture will be invaluable in making phase decisions.

A common method to phase garden projects is to concentrate either on the front or rear garden for phase one. Of course you can further break down either the front and rear garden into individual project pieces choosing to build the “hardscape” of patios, decks, walks and walls first and then adding the planting in phases too. Start with the major trees and shrubs working your way down to the minor shrubs, perennials and ground covers. Phasing offers another very large advantage. Phasing can prevent you from making a major mistake. If you build your entire garden before you have “lived” with your garden for a few years, you could find that you would have done things very differently if you had phased your project.

The most obvious benefit to phasing your garden building is the ease on your pocket book. Making a series of small investments can be much easier to manage than one major investment all at the same time. To discuss the potential of a phased garden for your home call us today for an appointment with a landscape consultant to help you fit the puzzle pieces together.

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