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“You did a good job with the planning and execution of your plan for our front yard. I feel we got a lot of ‘bang for the buck’.”

D. Brobst


Our Helpful Articles

These helpful articles are provided for your enjoyment and to inform you about various topics in landscape design and maintenance. Each article was written by one of Garden Gate’s staff members and has been published in our “Over the Gate” printed newsletter that is sent to our customers.

Landscaping: A Great Return on Your Investment
by Cathy Carr, APLD

We’re experiencing great changes in both our environmental and economic climates. As a concerned homeowner, cost-effective solutions to improving both of these areas can be achieved through maintaining and enhancing your landscaping... read more

Gardens for Living – Customers for Life®
by Dan Law, CPH

Gardens for Living – Customers for Life®. More than just a
slogan, this is a pledge to two concepts: designing, installing
and maintaining gardens that enhance our customers’ lives and
lifestyles, and creating and maintaining long-term relationships
with our customers... read more

Building Your Dream Garden in Phases
by Charles W. Bowers

With rare exception, most people choose to phase the implementation of their fondest garden dreams. This phased approach makes good sense. Prioritizing your wants will help you make an effective decision about your... read more


Is Your House Approachable?
by Dan Law
It is a dark and gloomy night… and first-time guests are on their way to your home.  Imagine being in their shoes for a minute or two.  Can they find your home?  Do they know where to park?  Can they make their way... read more

The Moongate at Garden Gate Landscaping
by Mary Abe
A garden is the imitation of nature and the convergence of artistic elements to create a place dreamed of by one’s imagination. A landscape becomes a garden when passion or emotion is the driving force in it’s creation... read more

Garden Destinations
by Cathy Carr Petrillo
In even the smallest yard, it’s satisfying to have at least one garden destination - “a place which is set aside for the end of a journey.” Garden Gate Landscaping can help you to create that special place... read more