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Is Your House Approachable?

by Dan Law

It is a dark and gloomy night… and first-time guests are on their way to your home.  Imagine being in their shoes for a minute or two.  Can they find your home?  Do they know where to park?  Can they make their way to your front door safely?  Using this scenario can help you critique your front landscaping and determine goals for its improvement.

House numbers should be easily read at night.  How many times have you had to backtrack and count adjacent home numbers to locate the house you were looking for?  Consider lighted house numbers near the street.  Not only can they be attractive and considerate to guests, in an emergency they can speed response time.

Indicating where guests should park can often become clear by the location of the front walkway and whether it is well lighted.  If your front walk needs replacement, consider where you want guests to park.  Do you want them to park in the drive or on the street?  Your new walk should accommodate and clearly direct guests.  Your new walk should also accommodate safe passage for two guests side-by-side to your front door as well.  I remember visiting a house once where the front walk was squeezed between overgrown plantings allowing me about two feet of clearance and I had to step over drain lines to reach the front door!  Getting wet from encroaching shrubs and tripping their way to your door is not very inviting to friends and family.

Is your front entrance well lit?  A well positioned post light and lighting at the door should be the minimal consideration.  Down-lighting from nearby trees or attractive path lights present a more attractive approach to your home and provide a higher level of comfort for you and your guests.

Take this exercise the next evening it’s dark and gloomy: drive up the street to your house and pretend you are a first time guest.  If the approach to your home is less than desirable, call your design consultant at Garden Gate.

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