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“We absolutely love the landscaping in the front yard and are looking forward to seeing more of your handiwork.?/p>

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How do I invest wisely?

From concept to reality

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Executive GardenCare includes all the lawn services of Standard GardenCare and expands your program to include a Spring cleanup, weekly bed and plant care from mid-April until mid-October, and three leaf removal visits between mid-October and mid-December.

Set Your Goals
As with any project, it is a good idea to set your goals. Start with the end in mind. Imagine how you will use your space and how you want it to look and feel.

Consider these questions:
?Does your landscaping suit your lifestyle?
?Does the current landscaping enhance the “curb appeal?of your home?
?Do you need entertaining space? For how many people?
?Do your landscaping have chronic poor drainage, inadequate lighting, crumbling masonry, etc.?

Some ideas and thoughts that might help:
?Think about what you like about your current landscape and what you don’t like.
?Drive through your neighborhood to see what appeals to you.
?Collect ideas from magazines, books, public gardens, and websites. ?Select a design style that is best suited to you ?formal or informal, naturalistic or geometric, etc.
?Make a list of your goals and objectives. Do you need a deck or patio? Have you considered a water feature? How will you maintain this property?
?Sketch out your ideas on paper. Your plat can be helpful when sketching.

Define Your Project
Garden Gate Landscaping, Inc. feels that projects are made up of three components. The components of a project are scope, detail, and budget.

Clarify your scope:
Determine what area in the garden you want to address ?the entire property or just the front entrance, for example.

Decide on details:
Details are the choices you make about materials, the way they are arranged, and the number of design elements included in the project.

Arrive at a budget:
This is the amount of money that you wish to invest in the project, either overall or in this phase. If you can decide on any two of the three aspects ?scope, detail, and budget ?the missing piece will fall into place.

Choose The Right Company
Once you have determined your scope, detail, and budget, you are ready to move ahead to selecting a landscape company. How do you do that?

?Ask friends and neighbors for a good referral.
?Drive through your community and don’t hesitate to ask the owner of a garden you admire who did their landscaping.
?Check with several nationally and regionally affiliated organizations for qualified companies.

Now that you have some names, dig a little deeper.
?Make sure the company you choose has the ability to “pull it all together?by looking at their work on similar projects.
?Does the company design with materials that are most appropriate for your property or are they designing from existing inventory?
?Consider a company that is a leader in the industry. Chances are they are innovative and set the standard for quality and service.

A Handy Checklist:
All companies are made up of its people. You should trust that the people you will deal with have your satisfaction at heart.

?Do they have a proven track record?
?Have they installed projects similar to yours?

?Is the designer readily available to answer questions? ?Can he or she be reached by email or on a direct personal phone line? ?Have you experienced prompt, responsive service? ?Are their agreements clearly written?

?Do they specialize in residential landscaping?

?Can you see project examples in person, on a web site, or by reviewing a portfolio?
?Can they handle a multi-faceted project?

?Do they offer customized maintenance programs, i.e. weekly, monthly, or seasonal?

?Do they have a fair and reasonable warranty that is clearly written?

The Garden Gate One Source Approach
Since 1964, Garden Gate has specialized in providing homeowners with our total design/build/maintain approach. By working with one company for the design, installation, and maintenance of your landscape, you can be assured that all phases of your project are completed with a continuity of quality, attention to detail, and service. Projects resulting from our design/build/maintain approach have satisfied thousands of customers, earned hundreds of local, regional, and national awards, and have been featured in many articles in magazines such as Southern Living and Home and Design. Garden Gate Landscaping is committed to developing and maintaining long term relationships with our customers. Our customers recognize our commitment to them. We have enjoyed the opportunity to serve our customers for more than forty years, and many of our clients?children and grandchildren now count on us to provide the same level of service.

How Garden Gate Measures Up
Consistent, quality service before, during, and after all landscaping projects has made Garden Gate’s reputation grow. Our crew leaders are skilled, experienced, and dedicated people who still honor old-fashioned values like pride in their work and respect for their customers. Individual, personalized attention and quality service has been the cornerstone of our success. Read what some of our satisfied customers have to say:

“We thank you for a spectacular backyard. The design you did is both creative and natural. The tree, bushes, and plants seem to belong here. Of course, the bridge and dry stream bed make everything appear special.??M. Heiman

“We are delighted with the landscaping you did for us. The more people we deal with in the improvement of our home, the more impressed we are with Garden Gate!??W. Bierbower

“Your crews are professional in their approach and a delight to have around!??L. Chatfield

“We just put our house on the market, and it sold very quickly. We feel the landscaping strongly contributed to the quick sale. Other homes have been on the market much longer without selling.??E. Freedman