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The Moongate at Garden Gate Landscaping

by Mary Abe

A garden is the imitation of nature and the convergence of artistic elements to create a place dreamed of by one’s imagination. A landscape becomes a garden when passion or emotion is the driving force in it’s creation. A moongate, as the entry into the garden beyond, is an element capable of accomplishing this transformation.

The moongate’s history is storied. It’s origins can be traced to 4th century A.D. Chinese private gardens. The moongate has been considered to be a portal into another world. Entry through it’s circular opening is intended to draw people onwards and humble those that enter the garden. Since the mid-1800’s, a more contemporary version of the moongate can be seen throughout Bermuda. In 1860, a Chinese sea captain, longing for his home, constructed one of his own in Bermuda to give himself a place of repose. Since that time, many more moongates have been built in Bermuda. Bermudian lore claims that young lovers and honeymooners who walk through a moongate in Bermuda are blessed with good luck.

To create such a stunning structure, we relied on our own artisans to build the moongate at the Garden Gate gardens.  Antonio Guerero and his crew used eight tons of stone to construct the moongate. Each piece was carefully split and chiseled to fit the tight radius of the 8’ tall moongate. The shear size of this masonry piece required extensive preparation, exacting construction, and sixteen days to create this artwork. 

The Moongate is our signature piece at Garden Gate. It is our embodiment of the Garden Gate commitment to fusing creativity with artisanship in the garden. We encourage you to contact Garden Gate Landscaping to see our moongate in person and for expertise in creating a signature element in your own garden.

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