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“The patio and garden plantings look great. I am looking forward to seeing them throughout the seasons to come - flowering and growing.”


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Timeframes in Creating Gardens

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When will my call or email be returned?
Generally, we will return your call or email within two business days of your initial contact.

What is your backlog on installations?
Once we have received a signed Agreement and deposit, the average wait on a “typical” installation (of at least three or four days duration) is four to eight weeks.

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What if it’s just a small job?
Because we schedule projects on a “first come, first served” basis, smaller projects (fewer than two days and projects not requiring design) follow the same scheduling pattern as a “typical” job. However, sometimes small projects can be completed quickly when unforeseen delays occur on larger projects or when projects are completed ahead of schedule.

How long does the design phase normally take?
It varies depending on the scope and detail of the project. A project that requires only a quick sketch can be designed in a matter of days. Most projects require two to eight weeks to design and estimate.

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Once begun, how long will the installation take?
It depends on the scope and complexity of the project, as well as the weather. Some “typical” project durations are:

•  Renovating a front foundation planting can take 1 to 6 days.
•  Constructing a new front walkway can add an additional 1 to 6 days.
•  A typical patio can take 2 to 10 days to install.
•  Surrounding plantings can require 1 to 10 days.
•  Projects requiring extensive removals, grading and/or drainage solutions may take longer.

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When is the best time to contact you and get started on my project’s process?
If you want a new project to be completed before the beginning of summer, contact us in late fall or early winter. If you begin the process in the spring (depending on size and complexity), your project may not be started until early to mid-summer.

How long does it take to do Warranty Service or Service work?
Service and warranty service work is a top priority for us. We allow time in our weekly schedule to perform this work as soon as possible.

Our Commitment to You
Our commitment to you is to design and build a quality landscape project completed by professionals in a timely fashion with the highest quality materials allowed within your budget. We work contiguous days to complete your project within the estimated duration - unless weather, inspections or other unforeseen factors present delays. You are the most important member of the project team and we will keep you informed throughout the design process and during the installation of your project. We will work very hard to earn your loyalty.

Larger Projects
Garden Gate Landscaping has been installing larger, more complex landscapes since 1964. Many of these projects have included swimming pools and other extensive construction elements that were designed and installed by our team of professionals.

Many of these larger projects are integrated with home renovation or new home construction. Garden Gate works closely with your architect, builder or interior designer to coordinate and ensure a total solution. Garden Gate’s Design/Build/Maintain process is well suited to the demands of these larger, more complex projects.

We will mutually define the landscape elements and phases to be included in your project and the estimated budget range for each element or phase. A Design/Build Services Agreement will be presented that outlines the project elements and/or phases with associated budget ranges.

To initiate the design phase, a retainer fee on the project is required. The time for design work is billed against the retainer fee. The balance of the retainer fee is applied toward the deposit on the project. Note: It is our intention to minimize design fees so that the majority of the retainer fee is applied towards the installation phase of your project.

Upon the receipt of a design retainer fee and a completed questionnaire, we will perform the following services:
•  Conduct detailed site analysis.
•  Design and prepare investment estimates for installation.
•  Present your project’s plan and estimates either at Garden Gate or at your home.
•  Refine design and estimates, if necessary.

Once design work is completed, a written proposal will be presented for your review and final approval. Upon approval and receipt of a project deposit, Garden Gate will schedule your installation at the earlier date possible.

Scheduling Variables
Our goal is to start and complete your project in the most efficient way possible but sometimes delays happen. Weather is often the main reason, but other “behind the scenes” reasons may exist. Acquisition of materials may delay your project. We typically will not begin a project until all materials are available in order not to interrupt the installation timetable. The schedules of the various trades people involved in your project may cause delays.  Subcontractors and contractors working on other aspects of the project may be delayed or their work may be extended, causing delays to our being on site. Permit and approvals from Home Owner Associations will often delay a project start date as well. Your design consultant and our production staff will work with you and keep you informed of schedule variations to eliminate surprises and reduce frustration.