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“We appreciate the quality service your company has provided over the years.”


E. Freedman

Our Process in Maintaining Gardens

Our GardenCare maintenance consultant will meet with you, listen to your expectations and goals, and subsequently recommend the GardenCare program(s) that best suit your needs.


Our GardenCare maintenance consultant will review your landscape and lawn and:
• Make notations about your plants, trees and groundcovers.
• Make notations about your garden’s construction features, and will pay special attention to your gutters and your lighting and irrigation systems.
• Evaluate your overall plant and lawn health.

Our GardenCare maintenance consultant will generate a verbal estimate on-site and/or you will receive a written estimate via email, fax or mail.

Your maintenance program is reviewed with you, and once your signed contract and deposit are received by Garden Gate:
• Your landscape and lawn program will be added to our schedule.
• Your landscape and lawn will be reviewed and inspected by our Certified Plant and Lawn technician if you have chosen our Executive or Premier Programs.
• Your account manager will convey your expectations and goals to your assigned crew leader.

Our GardenCare maintenance consultant will periodically check-in with you and our account manager to ensure that your expectations are being met. During those times, we will also suggest any further improvements we feel are needed and you may request additional services be added to your program.

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Crew member deadheads flowers

A clean and tidy pool, patio, and lawn