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26 years ago Garden Gate provided the landscaping for our newly acquired home. Your talented crew just finished a spectacular renovation of the back garden. And it is absolutely beautiful!"
D. Custis

Sue Holland


Sue Holland
Professional Landscape Architect

Sue Holland is passionate about providing you with a life-transforming opportunity to create or enhance your garden and outdoor living space. With Sue as your designer, you and your loved ones can significantly deepen your experience of the natural and manmade world within your home setting.

You, your home and its surroundings are unique. Sue offers creative solutions for your design challenges, and will help bring forth a superior vision for your garden.

Her integrated approach is both intuitive and practical. First, form follows function, meaning how your family uses or plans to use the exterior of your property contributes to the overall program. Then, design principles of line, form, color, texture, sequence, balance, rhythm, light and composition are employed. Your garden dreams become masterfully translated into exceptional outdoor space or rooms. The end result is enjoyed over time: you move through and linger in your transformed garden, experiencing heightened levels of beauty and joy.

Great design itself - in both the physical and non-physical realms - is the source of Sue Holland's inspiration, which she brings to your project. The specific design/build process at Garden Gate Landscaping gives you the opportunity to work with Sue to create a wonderful garden which you and your family can enjoy for years to come.

  • Licensed Landscape Architect in Maryland for over 25 years
  • Licensed Realtor who understands both the inherent and real market value of your home
  • Instrumental contributor in the construction of landscapes and gardens for residences, galleries, parks, site and commercial developments, churches, campuses, and cemeteries for over 30 years
  • Previous work as a Project Manager on multiple, varied and complex projects for private and public clients
  • Project leader/team member with an extensive history of working with dozens of teams of architects, engineers, consultants, contractors and craftsman
  • Community volunteer as well as transformational coach, assisting others' to accomplish their goals and full self-expression
  • Active, lifelong learner - about personal and professional development, wellness, real estate, creative/artistic expression, community service, and communication that makes a difference