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Garden Destinations

by Cathy Carr Petrillo

In even the smallest yard, it’s satisfying to have at least one garden destination – “a place which is set aside for the end of a journey.” Garden Gate Landscaping can help you to create that special place.
A spot can be created to mark the fact that you’re home at day’s end. Perhaps the front entry paving is widened for a garden bench, with shrubs and a tree placed nearby to provide a sense of enclosure. The bench would be a handy spot to set packages on as you arrive and a pleasant place in which to read the mail, sip a hot drink, and chat with neighbors. 

People often want a more private destination immediately adjacent to the house at the side or rear. For example, an attractive deck or patio can be built for dining and entertaining; a balcony can be intimately fitted out with lush planters and chaise lounges; a spa can be sunk in the ground so it is easy to sit on the side and swing one’s legs into relaxing hot water.

Perhaps your fantasy destination is a spot that encourages meditation and reflection but your site is not ideal. Carefully chosen design elements (a beckoning  path, lush, fragrant plantings, the right lighting, or a gurgling water feature) can guide one to the destination, diminish unsightly views, or mask the noise of nearby cars.

In suburban-sized gardens, we’re often asked to design a freestanding gazebo or screened pavilion to act as an outdoor dining or living room, or as a studio. Such structures act both as a focal point in the garden and as a sanctuary away from the house and other garden spaces.

Destinations needn’t be complicated. In a large, sunny lawn, a simple hammock can be quite inviting when placed under the cool shade of trees.

Sometimes, our clients want an active rather than a relaxing destination. We can help site, design, and build swimming pools, sport and tennis courts, and putting greens. We can also build your ideal outdoor kitchen, and design and install your perennial border, herb, or cutting garden.

We have lots of award-winning ideas. Call a Garden Gate Landscaping design consultant today to help you create your dream destination.  

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