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“In all of our years working with landscaping companies on our yards, we have never received better service than you have provided.”

L. Chasen

How do I evaluate landscaping estimates?

As you may know, when starting landscaping projects you may receive a wide range of estimates for your particular needs. Price is one factor to consider, but also take into account other factors such as a company’s reputation, commitment to service, and history in the industry.

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Below is a summary of the results collected in a survey conducted by the University of Maryland. Several landscape contracting firms were asked to price three different gardens. Each landscape contractor submitted prices based on exactly the same landscape design and specifications for plants, materials and hardscape construction work. What is most interesting to note is that there is about a 100% variation between the highest and the lowest prices. This price variation occurred when each company had exactly the same landscape design and exactly the same specifications. The results are as following:  

Garden A

Garden B

Garden C

Company 1

$ 9,030



Company 2

$ 7,955



Company 3

$ 6,522



Company 4




Company 5

$ 9,308



Company 6

$ 7,810



Your Garden Gate designer will provide you with a fair estimate that clearly details the quality craftsmanship we will complete on your project. Based on your needs, we can also install your garden in phases.

Carefully evaluating your landscaping estimate is an important part of selecting the right landscaping company. Recognizing your need for quality work and superior service, Garden Gate has created a company dedicated to building a lasting partnership with you.